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Author Dewane Parker

Dewane Parker has over 30 years of experience in Law Enforcement and as a Security Specialist. As a former Federal Agent and Personal Protection Commander he has exceptional knowledge and personal protection skills in various environments. Dewane Parker has served three U.S. Presidents (Reagan, Bush, and Clinton) and these unique experiences significantly enhanced his overall background to be a positive contributing member of Law Enforcement and around the world. He also volunteers and advocates for at risk youth to ensure that they are provided services to enhance their leadership, education and job opportunities in the future.

Dewane Parker is also an actor full-time and has been on Cable television shows and movies that include Law & Order SVU, Blue Bloods, Persons of Interest, Elementary, Blacklist, Limitless, Mysteries of Laura, and Movies to date are Creed and Money Monster. He is also a full-time writer and resides in New Jersey.


The Life and Times of Agent/Operative Stacy Mays

Book Synopsis

Born in a corrupted world full of sin, yet commissioned to restore order and bring peace to it. Harnessing the pain of being tattooed by Satan himself; this fuels his desire to bring justice to all who choose to engage in crime. This is the life and everyday struggle of Operative Stacy Mays. He is constructed by the government to inflict massive punishment with no fear of death. Yes, his life is not his own. After all, why should it be? He was Born Dead…

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ISBN: 978-0-9822796-6-3

Book Retail Price: $14.95


Book - Born Dead

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