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Creative Unity Publishing

Turning YOUR Dreams Into Reality page at a time.

Author Leola Sanders Huey

Leola Sanders was born during the Depression, when the only media was the radio, Victrola record and party line; if you could afford any one of those.

The most entertainment in Leola’s home was storytelling by her mother about her life. Life stories were mostly told among family and friends to their children. Unfortunately, the media has taken the place of storytelling. Leola decided to become a storyteller to keep the stories alive for the younger generations. She also writes life stories about her time and age. She published her first book titled Oneda: The Plight of a Single Mom at the age of 82 and has two more books to write in the future. She never gave up her dream of wanting to become a writer. She is proof that you can never be too old to fulfill your dreams and be used by God.

It Is NEVER too Late to Fulfill Your Dreams!

The Mothers-In-Law

Should you worry about AGEING please read this book about these ageing mothers in law. It is hilarious, informative and inspiring. A book you must read..

Book Synopsis

Leola Sanders Huey is an 89 year old author, this is her third book. She published her first book at the age of 82, began writing at the age of 79. She represents the new old age, the ones over 85 and up. No longer are many of the people in this age group sitting in the rocking chair waiting for life to end they are up and about using the life they have left.

Currently Leola is facilitating three conference online Christian programs. A Bible book club each Friday evening with people from many cities and states who call in to read and discuss the books of the Bible. They have been reading all 66 books, chapter by chapter since 2012. The next two programs are on Sunday evening, One in Texas and the second one is in California. A historical reading of the church that she attends and she also completed her third book... In addition to all of this Leola attended the senior citizen prom given for senior citizens at the Senior Centers Center in Rosenberge, Texas.


Book Retail Price: $12.95


Order a signed copy directly from Author Leola Sanders Huey. Send your request to Leola at [email protected]